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Susan was absolutely fantastic showing us property for sale in Paphos and you should be proud you have a rep of that quality. She has obviously built up great relationships with the builders etc and she was exceedingly friendly and helpful to us.
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Information About Cyprus

Ever thought that there must be a better lifestyle available to you than the one you are living right now?


Does the idea of a sunny climate, great beaches and a slower pace of life sound better than rain, cold and damp, stress and traffic jams?

More and more people are deciding that they want something better. A better, healthier lifestyle for themselves and their children.

Just a 4 1/2 hour flight from the UK lies the sun-kissed island of Cyprus.

More and more people are choosing to make Cyprus their home, either as a place to retire to, or just as a healthier place to live and work. The climate is superb, (as long as you like lots of sunshine), English is freely spoken in all the major towns, good schools and excellent medical care is available and the locals are very friendly, plus the cost of living is very reasonable.

Of course, moving to another country to live is not something that you should decide to do on a whim, but with the advent of the EU, it doesn't have to be difficult either

There will of course, be lots of things you'll want to know. Lots of questions you will want answers to before deciding to take the plunge and make that life-changing move.

One of the better books available on the subject of 'Moving to Cyprus' to live' is ‘Live The Med Lifestyle in Cyprus’, by Roy Carter & Lynda Burke.

Also Anne Halls book is very informative and available from Amazon


It's always best to get things straight from the horse's mouth, as it were, and this couple is able to give you all the answers to your questions because they have 'been there and done that'. In fact they are still there, living and working in Cyprus. So unlike other books on the subject, written by authors who have never even set foot on the island, this book is a very good and comprehensive guide.

Live The Med Lifestyle in Cyprus’ is written in a friendly and informative style and will certainly give you food for thought about turning your dreams into reality. Better yet, this is an ebook, which means you can download it in seconds and you can be reading about your new lifestyle right away!

More About the EBook Here.

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